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State Dual Credit U.S. History Fall 2019-Lewis

Units of Study:

  • Unit 1 –New South/Civil Rights (1865-1930) (5 Days)
  • Unit 2- Industrialism and the West (7 days)
  • Unit 3 – Immigration and Urbanization (5 days)
  • Unit 4 – Gilded Age, Progressivism, and Populism (6 days)
  • Unit 5 – Imperialism and World War I (7 days)
  • Unit 6 – 1920’s (5 days)
  • Unit 7 – Great Depression and New Deal (5 days)
  • Unit 8 – World War II (5 days)
  • Unit 9 – 1950s & Beginning of Cold War (6 days)
  • Unit 10 – Civil Rights Movement II (1930-Present) (6 days)
  • Unit 11 – Cold War/Vietnam War, Nixon & 1970s (6 days)
  • Unit 12 – 1980s to Present-Day History (6 days)
  • Review – 8 days (Also, use these days to make up for snow, floods, flu, extra terrestrial invasions, demogorgons attacking etc.)

Total 77 days

Challenge Exam Window-First two weeks of December

In this class, you can earn both High School and College Credit.  In order to get High school credit(required to graduate), you must pass the class, take the Challenge Exam.  This exam will be counted as 15% of your grade.

In order to receive College Credit (Only in State Public Colleges), you must pass the class, take the Challenge Exam and get a 75 or better.  The Challenge exam consists of 2 essays, 1 stimulus DBQ and 1 writing prompt (you will choose 1 of 2) and 50 multiple choice questions.

Class grade will come from :

  • Classwork-short assignments in class or assignments that carry on maybe even into Homework 50%
  • Tests-fill in the blank, multiple choice, written response 50%
  • Challenge exam 15% of Semester grade

Supplies needed-Pencil or Pen, a notebook or 3 ring binder dedicated to this class with paper that can easily be removed to turn in, a chromebook or laptop to use in class and outside of class

Online textbook-our textbook is ONLINE only.  I will give you that information in a few weeks, I was trained on the online book but have not received the student login, as soon as I get this I will share.  Until then, I will supplement with articles and other materials.

Canvas-assignments will be posted on canvas, in the case of bad weather, illness or field trip,  you are expected to go on Canvas and work on the assignments posted

My contact information- email  [email protected]

School Phone-423-847-4800 Extension-62568

I prefer you contact me by email.  I check it throughout the day. If you ever have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate.

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