East Hamilton Middle High School


Tennis is a sport that can be played and enjoyed for a life time by people of any age or ability level. It is great exercise for your mind and body, and a great way to make new friends. Adults surveyed cited “benefits associated with their involvement in high school sports included, teamwork, discipline, goal setting, leadership, independence, self-confidence, stress relief, character development, personal growth, and acceptance of others.” We currently have no cut teams with a tennis fee of only $25. I want every player that wants to put forth the effort to have the opportunity to learn the game and hopefully love it too. Our goal is to help each player reach their potential as a student and athlete. I am 56 years old, a recently retired Navy Reservist of 24 years. Playing tennis helps keep me fit and healthy today and even helped me keep fit for my military duties.   My kids are adults now and we all still play tennis on a regular basis.
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