East Hamilton Middle High School

Robert Smith

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I am both blessed and thankful to be a part of the Hixson High School faculty; Mr. Sims has established a great group of individuals to educate and support our future youth. In addition to teaching a discipline of which I am greatly enamored, I am passionate about the opportunity to influence young adults in a positive way. My intent is to fashion a variety of learning experiences that appeal to individual interests, the more personal an experience feels to the child the more engaged they will be in carrying out the experiments or scientific investigations that are necessary to solve the inquiry. Seven years in the Chemical Industry as an industrial chemist provides me with a nonconventional approach to instruction that is more in sync with the current of time. I feel bringing real world applications and differentiated instruction into the science classroom is one of my strongest tools in practice. Being able to build relationships and establish connections through mutual interests allows for a difficult and often misunderstood subject like chemistry to be seen and understood in a way that perceives spectrums of color where before was simply black and gray.

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